electricity generation » directory - Directory of sites offering support for electricity generation, both renewable and non-renewable.


Help is available in many countries for private citizens and business owners wishing to independently generate energy from renewable sources such as solar power, water power, wind power, biomass or energy harvesting. This section of this website provides links to sites giving details of these schemes, and also to other sites that may be useful in generating electricity. If you know of a link we should have here but don't, please contact us and we'll include it. Our directory is split into sections for ease of navigation.

If you can't find what you require, it's worth checking our electricity generation forum to see if other site users have posted useful information there.

United Kingdom

Sites of relevance to citizens of the UK.

United States

In the US, each state has its own incentives and companies offering help with electricty generation; there is additional assistance available from the federal government.

Other Countries

With the increasing lack of affordable energy, many countries around the world have burgeoning renewable energy industries and support for those wishing to adopt such measures.

Non-Geographical Sites

Useful sites not related to any country or territory.