electricity generation » grants - Explanation of the types of grants available to support electricity generation.


While it’s easy to see that for reasons of cost and independence it is desirable for householders or business owners to invest in electricity generation, many people and organizations are put off by the potential cost of starting up. The good news is that there are a number of grants available to promote implementation of these technologies, especially within the United Kingdom and the United States. Check our directory section for links to organisations offering such incentives.

United Kingdom

There are a number of grants available UK-wide to individuals who adopt their own methods of electricity generation – the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reforms (BERR) gives householders grants for solar power, wind turbines, small-scale hydro power generation and bioenergy, as well as solar water heating and heat pump use.

Scotland and Northern Ireland also offer grants: the Scottish Community Householder Renewable Initiatives (SCHRI) and the Environment and Renewable Energy Fund in Northern Ireland are dedicated to encouraging householders to incorporate renewable electricity into their homes. This is no surprise – with increasing pressure on nations and individuals to cut carbon footprints and reduce their negative impacts on the environment, it is likely that governments will continue to encourage individuals to adopt greener electricity.

United States

In the United States, a variety of grants and incentives are available for consumers and businesses wishing to generate their own electricity, especially for renewables. These are available at both state and federal levels, so it is worth checking to see if multiple incentives are available.

Incentives are often available for both small-scale producers (ie homeowners and businesses) and large-scale producers (large companies, organisations such as local authorities and school districts, and specialist electricity generating companies); in addition, help is often available for organisations in specific sectors, eg agriculture.

Other Countries

Many other countries have grants and incentives for independent electricity generation, especially those with carbon emissions reduction targets to meet and those with a large proportion of isolated communities. The burgeoning economies of India and Brazil are excellent examples.