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Solar Power: Leisure Uses

One of the newest innovations in the field of solar power generation is the use of the technology for leisure activities and the powering of non-essential items. Mobile phones, radios, cameras, portable televisions, laptop computers, mp3 players, fans, outdoor lights, camping equipment and even car and caravan batteries can now be charged or powered by solar electricity through the use of solar panels. It is precisely these types of appliances which can eat away at our energy bills and which contribute unnecessarily to our carbon emissions, so it is a great idea to use solar power technology for such appliances wherever possible.

Personal Electronics Applications

Solar cells are now incredibly compact and have been turned into a variety of different portable chargers for use whilst travelling or away from mains power. Hand-held devices are particularly popular as they fit easily into a handbag or suitcase, but there are also other products on the market which are equally efficient. Backpacks with integrated solar panels and fabric-backed panels which can be strapped onto bicycles, clothing or anything with a handle are also well worth considering.

All of these portable devices require a converter (some are built in to the panel device whilst others are separate and need to be connected by a cable) and a means of transferring the charge to the appliance or device in need of power. Many hand-held solar chargers now claim to be able to charge any personal electronic device, whilst others come with a range of different connectors to cater to as many devices as possible.

Portable Power Supply

Aside from solar chargers, solar panel technology has also become incredibly useful for providing portable power for outdoor activities, occasions and even transient lifestyles. Solar panels are ideal for attaching to the roofs of caravans and motor-homes as they are in the perfect position to catch optimal light. It also enables holidaymakers to camp in areas which do not have mains electricity connections without having to sacrifice the luxuries of lighting and the use of appliances.

Portable solar-power systems which do not need to be fixed to a roof or structure are also ideal for holidaymakers, particularly for people who are camping or who are heading away from civilization to hike, fish, or experience the great outdoors. Motor battery charging is also possible through portable solar panel systems and specialist chargers can be purchased for cars, motorbikes, boats, or any other vehicle powered by a 12V battery.

Decorative Applications

Another emerging field in the solar panel industry is the use of solar technology for decorative or entertainment purposes. It is now possible to purchase solar-powered light-up drink coasters, light-containing jars, glowing vases, decorative fairy lights, key-hole illuminators, and garden lamps and lights. Though not strictly a necessity of modern life, these little luxuries are powered entirely by the sun and therefore do not require mains electricity.