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Directory: United States: Alabama To Georgia

Tax breaks and incentives for states from Alabama to Georgia.


Biomass Energy Program Assistance for companies and organisations wishing to install biomass energy systems.

Agriculture Energy Efficiency Program Education and finance to help Alabama’s agricultural industry increase energy efficiency.

Local Government Energy Loan Program Loans for local governments and schools in rural areas to help promote energy efficiency.


Home Energy Rebate Program Rebates for homeowners adopting energy efficiency measures in Alaska.

Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program Tax incentives for the development of low income housing.


Renewable Energy Incentives Credits and incentives for the installation of solar power and the adoption of energy efficiency.

Waste Reduction Assistance Program Funding for businesses and organisation setting up programs to reduce waste.


Office Of Community Services Their Weatherisation Assistance Program provides help for low income families and homeowners wanting to take measures to save energy.


Go Solar California Californian agency for promoting the use of solar energy. Includes information on grants for homes and businesses.


Governor’s Energy Office Funding for renewable energy in Colorado.

ACRE Program Assistance for renewable energy from the Colorado Department of Agriculture


Clean Energy Options Program allowing consumers to purchase green energy from their existing suppliers for a small surcharge.


Green Energy Program Various grants and incentives from the Delaware Energy Office, grouped by utility provider.


Energy Act Grants Program Grants available for municipalities, companies, educational institutuins and other non-profit organisations in Florida.

Florida Farm To Fuel Grants to aid production of bioethanol and biodiesel.

Florida Renewable Energy Tax Incentives Program Tax breaks for Floridian companies and institutions developing technology for hydrogen powered vehicles and biofuels, and energy companies investing in renewable energy.

Solar Energy Systems Incentive Program Grants for solar energy from the Florida Energy Office


Low Income Weatherization Assistance Program Help for low income householders implementing energy efficiency.