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Directory: United States: Hawaii To Louisiana

Information on help available for both consumers and organisations in the adoption of energy independence and related measures in states from Hawaii to Louisiana.


DBEDT: Biomass Incentives to encourage the production and sale of gasohol, alternative fuels and alternative energy sources.

DBEDT: Solar Tax credits for companies and Hawaiian residents installing solar power systems.

DBEDT: Wind Tax credits for large-scale energy producers producing wind power and for residents installing wind power systems.


Solar Financing Opportunities Incentives for solar power from the Office of Energy Resources.

Wind Financing Opportunities Tax credits and loans to promote citizens’ implementation of wind power.

Low Interest Energy Loans Loans available for individuals and organisations for projects resulting in improved energy efficiency.


Solar Energy Rebate Program Help from Illinois' Department of commerce and economic opportunity for renewable energy in homes and for other small projects.


Current Grant Programs From Indiana’s Office of Energy and Defense Development.

Tax Credits and Incentives Also from the OEDD.


Alternate Energy Revolving Loan Program Interest free loans to encourage the building of renewable energy production facilities in Iowa.

Clean Fuel Tax Credits Tax credits available for the use and also promotion of clean fuels, including ethanol and biodiesel.