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Directory: United States: Maine To Montana

Loans, grants and other incentives for states from Maine to Montana.


Home Energy Loan Program Help for homeowners with renewable energy from Maine State Housing Authority.

Efficiency Maine Business Program Incentives to promote better use of energy – and thus reduce running costs for businesses – from Maine Public Utility Commission.


Solar Energy Grant Program Grants for adopting solar power from the Maryland Energy Administration.

Green Building Tax Credit Tax credits for developers using energy saving technology.

Geothermal Heat Pump Grant Program Grants for residential customers wishing to install a geothermal pump.

Windswept Grant Program Grants contributing towards the cast of small-scale wind turbines for both business and homeowners.


Tax Credits State tax credits for adopting renewable energy in Massachusetts.

Renewable Energy System Repair Grants Offered for public bodies in Massachusetts.

Biomass System Installation Grants Also for public bodies in Massachusetts.


Tax Incentives Provided by the Department of Environmental Quality for Montanans wishing to improve energy efficiency.

Alternative Energy Loan Program Loans from the DEQ to assist in the implementation of renewable energy.